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Brayden Ryle

CCS Artist

Country Music Recording Artist Brayden Ryle was born in Clarksville Tennessee 2006. Brayden was exposed to the music scene from birth. He spent countless hours in recording studios with his father Curt Ryle, who is a Record Producer/Musician/Songwriter. Curt let Brayden record his first song at the age of three. By the time he was 6 years old, Brayden was an experienced singer in the studio. He recorded his first original country song at age 7 called “Eye On You”. The song was posted on youtube and within weeks, The R.F.D. Cable T.V. Network had seen the video and invited Brayden to sing on “The Shotgun Red” Show. Shortly after the show aired, Auburn University saw the video and invited Brayden to perform at the University for over a thousand people. In 2019, Brayden performed at the Bitter End in NYC a very prestigious event. That year he also did two concerts in Jesup, Georgia. He recently performed at National Hall in Ft. Worth, Texas with Steve Markwardt. Brayden also recently signed with “Clarksville Creative Sound” in Clarksville, TN, a new company with strong ties to “The Capital Factory” in Austin Tx.

Early on at age 10 Brayden linked up with Canadian Pop internet star Jadyn Rylee to perform a series of duets. “Only You”, “Parachute”, “I'd give up my phone for you,” and many more. The two were an instant success and were nominated and won multiple awards. Together, Brayden and Jadyn won duo of the year with one of Canada's most prestigious awards the “FAB” award on the original song called “Parachute”. All videos of the “Dynamic Duo” as they were called in magazines went viral and some in the millions.

When the covid pandemic hit in 2020 most artists including Brayden were no longer able to tour. This could have spelled the end for the young entertainer but, he refused to stop doing what he loved. He started writing songs at age 13 when his voice began to change. He realized that in order to be successful in the music industry with his new voice, he would need to change genres. So Brayden who had always loved Country music decided to give it a shot and left the Pop world. He recorded his first song written by himself called, “I'd Have Never Met You”. He never dreamed how successful he would be singing Country music. In 2021, Brayden won one of the most prestigious of all Indy awards, The Josie Awards where he took home young male artist of the year! It did not end there however, in 2022, he won the Rising Star Award from the CMA of Texas where he performed and brought the house down.!!! He also won 7 awards from the North American Country Music Association including, “Entertainer Of The Year”, “Male Vocalist Of The Year”, “Song Of The Year”, “Video Of The Year”, “Songwriter Of The Year” and two “Duets Of The Year, one with Jadyn Rylee and one with Jasmine McDonald”. Brayden and Jasmine had already taken home duet of the year from the OBCMAI on an original song called “The Whole World's Coming Down On Me”. Brayden also won an award in 2022 from the “International FPCM Red Carpet Awards” in the Netherlands. Brayden is now working with Steve and Mike Markwardt, Director of the documentary, (The Birth and History of Western Swing). Brayden was so impressed with Western Swing music after viewing the documentary that he recorded 6 new songs in the Western Swing genre and would love to be the next young artist to keep this great genre of music alive and well.

Is Brayden Ryle multifaceted? The answer is surely yes. Brayden has accomplished amazing things for being only 16 years old. However, he will be the first to tell you, his journey has only just begun!

Brayden Ryle
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