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Daryn Wright

CCS Artist

We signed Daryn Wright to Clarksville Creative Sound in March of 2021. Since then, every song we have released on Daryn has landed in the top 5 on the world Indy charts, most of them going to number 1. Daryn has what we call a five octave range and is capable of singing any genre he chooses. Fortunately for us, he loves Country music.

One day Daryn wondered into Big Matador Recording (the studio owned by Curt Ryle of Clarksville Creative Sound) and asked me if I'd listen to him sing. I assumed like so many others before him that he would not make the cut, however, I put him behind the microphone and said, “Ok let's hear what you've got”, the rest is History. He blew my socks off and I knew instantly that we had to find a way to get him on our label. One of the things that makes Daryn special is that he knows a hit song when he hears it. He truly does not care who writes the song he only wants the best material he can get. That ability to choose great songs and his ability to deliver them is the key to his success. I cannot begin to tell you how many DJ's around the world have contacted us saying PLEASE send everything you can on Daryn Wright to our radio station.

We have seen Daryn in concert and his ability to woo an audience is another gift that few possess. He is extremely charismatic on stage. I have had many conversations with Daryn and have discovered that his IQ is through the roof.

Sometimes I just scratch my head and say, “Daryn, I'm impressed with your knowledge of neutrons and protons but, can we just talk about music”? He always laughs and comes back to Earth.

We here at Clarksville Creative Sound find Daryn to be a huge asset to us and the music world as a whole. His unique style sets him apart from all other singers and if you want to just sit back and listen to brilliance, put on a Daryn Wright song!!!!!

Daryn Wright
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