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Clarksville Creative Sound is a Record Company in Clarksville Tennessee with several recording artists from all genres of music including Modern Country, Traditional Country, Pop and Western Swing. This company is owned and operated by Steve Markwardt and Curt Ryle. CCS is equipped with a recording studio (Big Matador Recording) that has a unique pure sound of analog recording with digital editing capabilities. It is because of the amazing sound that comes out of this studio that it was given the name, Clarksville Creative Sound. people from all over the world come to Clarksville Tn. to experience recording in this facility. Some of the best singers on the globe are signed to this Record Company.

Music Set

Artist Development

Clarksville Creative Sound takes pride in its ability to develop its artists. We work with our artists in the areas of songwriting, image and branding, music and video production, live performance and marketing, to help them establish successful music careers .

Artist Promotion

Clarksville Creative Sound works around the clock to let the world know that your music deserves to be heard. We use our connections to get your music into the channels necessary for optimal promotion.

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